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I'm a Taiwanese American freelance writer and student from Houston, Texas. I cover culture and Gen Z. You can read my work in places like Business Insider, The Los Angeles Times, Medium's #StopAsianHate blog, and The Next Web.

Selected Clips

As an Asian American Teen, I’ve Come to Love Instagram Activism

Just over a year ago, the Black Lives Matter movement brought a wave of infographics on police brutality and posts breaking down exactly what it meant to “defund the police.” Then, during the election last November, users plastered messages encouraging Americans to vote and to “grab ’em by the ballot.” Again, last March, the kidnapping and murder of Sarah Everard ushered in a new surge of posts debunking the phrase #NotAllMen and providing resources and safety pointers for women and girls. These

It’s About Time We Talked About Race on ‘The Bachelor’

I first joined Bachelor Nation during Peter Weber’s season, mostly because I couldn’t put it off any longer — I love good TV complete with melodramatic crocodile tears and frilly romancing as much as the next person, and The Bachelor was the classic golden show that everyone loved to hate. Peter’s season, for one, was the textbook definition of “dumpster fire,” but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t secretly enjoy Champagne-gate, the messy fan

The Kendall Jenner-Alyssa Carson Tweet is Yet Another Win For the Patriarchy

A few days ago, as I was scrolling through Twitter, I came across this Tweet — a side-by-side of Kendall Jenner, supermodel and reality TV personality, and Alyssa Carson, a 19-year-old astronaut and the youngest in history to pass all of NASA’s space flight tests. The Tweet explains that “While many women struggle every day to belong in historically male-dominated positions and trades, society continues to reward vani

Chipotle’s TikTok Page Is the Best Example of Gen-Z Marketing There Is

TikTok is the new frontier of Gen-Z marketing. As TechCrunch put it, “If you haven’t been paying attention to TikTok, you haven’t been paying attention.” Evidently, the world’s top brands have been paying serious attention. Hundreds of companies including Pepsi, Nike, Walmart, and Skittles have dialed in, taking the opportunity to garner gargantuan levels of views and cult followings. Since the social media titan took off

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